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The Band

Hank’s Jalopy Demons have performed publicly in Melbourne and Internationally since 1996. The latest line-up has been particularly active in seedy late night bars, where they have assailed unsuspecting victims with their well practiced and expert renditions of unadulterated Rock-a-billy music (sometimes cut with illicit substances such as late-50s garage Rock‘n’Roll and Hillbilly).


The Players

Hank Ferguson is a notorious Rock-a/Hill-billy singer, previously convicted for crimes against musical taste with the “Starliners” (1991-2002); specializing in vocal gymnastics and six-stringed acoustic guitar.


Dave Cantrell – Highly dangerous! Previous convictions include musical assault with electric guitar, vocals, steel guitar, trumpet and saxophone. Said assaults occurred between 1984 and 2011 on behalf of such bands as the “Stringbusters”, the “Straight 8s” and the “Starliners”.


Til (Snappy) Vex – Convicted of grievous bodily harm against numerous bull fiddles, electric basses and amplifiers over the last two decades. Connections with wild combinations include the highly sought after “Black Slacks”, “Rockin’ Bandits”, the “Roadsters” and “Straight 8s”.


Andrew Lindsay – known as “Mr. Rhythm” in hip circles; has served time most of his adult life for the supply of specialist drumming in such outfits as the “Roadsters”, the “Dancehall Racketeers”, the “Moonie Valley Drifters”, the “Starliners” and “Benny & the Flybyniters” between 1986 and 2011.

Upcoming Events

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